The oral and poster presentation program is the backbone of a scientific symposium.

In the MSB symposium series it is intended to have a forum for the discussion of fundamental and application-driven aspects of microscale separations and bioanalysis at an international venue that assembles the thought-leaders from both the academic and industrial communities. Towards that end, the Strategic Program Committee and the MSB2017 Organizing Committee have embraced following concepts:

  • Oral presentations that are timewise split in 2/3 talk and 1/3 for discussion.
  • Highly engaged session chairs who will actively introduce the session and moderate and orchestrate the discussion.

Therefore at MSB presentation time will be rigorously kept to adhere to the time split.

At MSB2017 following type of presentations are offered

  1. Plenary lectures (by invitation only)
  2. Keynote lectures (by invitation or selected from submitted abstracts)
  3. Contributed lectures (selected from submitted abstracts)
  4. Poster presentations with short oral presentation
  5. Poster presentations 

Abstracts will be 1-2 page and may include data (figures, tables, photographs). Abstracts submitters will assign their contribution to one of the three symposium main themes and indicate fitting topics. Submitted abstracts are reviewed double blind by the members of the SPC and the MSB2017 Organizing Committee. Eventually all abstracts will be sorted along session topics by invited session chairmen.

Session topics may also be proposed and require the proposer to contact the organizers via the contact form to provide an abstract describing the motivation for the topic of a session and to suggest a keynote speaker. 

A select number of poster abstracts at MSB 2017 will become nominated for 3 minute presentation of their poster preceding the poster session to concisely discuss their research in a way that engages a broad audience.

The main motto regarding the MSB Symposium Series is: "Anyone submitting a scientifically strong abstract may be accepted for oral presentation at an MSB symposium".