The NH Hotel and Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst is a four-star hotel located in the Netherlands' beautiful flower bulb region. The hotel is located approximately 25 kilometers from Schiphol International Airport.

Langelaan 3
2211 XT Noordwijkerhout
The Netherlands

After arriving at Schiphol Airport:

Traveling by public transportation:

From Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, guests can board a train to Sassenheim (this is the local train, called "Sprinter"), in the direction of The Hague Central Station (Den Haag on the schedule boards): the train runs every half hour and it takes approximately 15 minutes, the cost is 4.50 EUR one way). You can purchase your train ticket in Schiphol Station at the NS service counter or using a vending machine (the vending machines take Maestro and common credit cards). You will find these on the Schiphol Plaza.

At Sassenheim Station, MSB2017 will provide a shuttle for transfers to the NH Hotel & Conference Center Leeuwenhorst at these times:
Sunday, March 26: Between 10:00-17:00 hrs.
Wednesday, March 29: Between 17:00-19:00 hrs. 
For more information contact the PCO via the contact form.

You can also prearrange a taxi transfer from Schiphol Airport starting at 38 EUR per trip through the following website:  

Traveling by car:

Arriving from the North (Haarlem/ Amsterdam):

  • Follow signs to the Autobahn-4/Amstelveen.
  • Proceed south on the A4 towards Leiden.
  • Bear right at the intersection with Nieuw Vennep and merge onto A44, towards Sassenheim/Leiden-West/Den Haag-Centrum.
  • Follow A44 for 7.8 km before taking Exit 3 (Noordwijkerhout), and keep right.
  • At the end of the exit turn right at the traffic circle onto N208-Van Pallandtlaan towards Sassenheim-Centrum/Noordwijk.
  • Bear left slightly, then proceed through two roundabouts onto N443-Carolus Clusiuslaan.
  • Go straight on N443 for 4.5 km, crossing three roundabouts.
  • Proceed straight on the fourth roundabout and leave the N443 onto Langelaan.
  • Turn left to stay on Langelaan. After 300 meters, the hotel will be on the left.

Arriving from the East (Utrecht, Arnhem, Germany):

  • Proceed on the A12 towards Utrecht
  • Follow signs for Amsterdam/A2 and exit onto A2 heading north. Follow for 27.2 kilometers.
  • Take Exit 2 and merge onto A9 towards Amstelveen/Haarlem. Follow for 12.1 kilometers.
  • Follow signs for Den Haag and merge onto A4/E19.
  • After 14.2 kilometers, bear right and merge onto A44, towards Sassenheim/Leiden-West/Den Haag-Centrum.
  • Take Exit 3 (Noordwijkerhout) for N208 toward Sassenheim-Centrum/Noordwijk.
  • At the traffic circle, turn right onto Van Pallandtlaan/N208 heading to Sassenheim/Lisse/Haarlem/Noordwijk. Proceed through one traffic circle.
  • At the traffic circle, take the second exit onto Carolus Clusiuslaan/N443. Continue to follow through three roundabouts.
  • Proceed onto Langelaan, turning left. The hotel will be on your left.

Arriving from the South (The Hague, Rotterdam, Belgium):

  • Follow A4 towards Leiden/Amsterdam
  • At the Prins Claus crossing take A12 towards Den Haag
  • Continue on A12 and turn right at the crossing with N44
  • Proceed to Benoordenhoutseweg/N44 heading north. Follow for 8.8 kilometers.
  • Continue onto A44 and follow for 8.5 kilometers.
  • Take Exit 6 (Voorhout) towards Noordwijk.
  • Turn left at Leidsevaart/N444. Follow for 4.6 kilometers, through three traffic circles.
  • Turn right at Gooweg. At the traffic circle, take the third exit onto Langelaan.
  • Turn left to stay on Langelaan. The hotel will be on your left.