The Netherlands share the temperate maritime climate common to much of Western Europe. The average day temperature end of March is 6° - 14° Celsius. A winter coat for occasionally low temperatures and an umbrella or rain coat for occasional showers may be useful. Check the weather forecast for Leiden before you leave. 


The voltage in the Netherlands is 220-240V. US, UK and some other foreign attendees may require an adapter for the voltage and plug. Please bring your own adapters. 


Delegates are advised to arrange adequate travel, health and other insurance before they leave their home country. 

Passports and visa

All visitors travelling to the Netherlands must be in possession of a valid passport. Participants should check with their local travel agent whether they require an entry visa for The Netherlands. In order to receive a letter of invitation for visa applications, ensure that you click the appropriate box during the registration process. A letter will be sent upon confirmation of payment of the registration fee.

Time zone

The Netherlands are in the Central European Time Zone, one hour later than GMT. 

Taxes and tipping

Service and taxes are is always included in the price. Tipping is not required, but if you do (e.g. in restaurants and bars) 5-10% should be adequate. 


The Netherlands is a small country where your destination will usually not be at a great distance. The major cities of The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague) and the historic cities of Leiden, Haarlem and Delft are all within 1 hour travelling. The Netherlands has a very dense public transport system of train and bus connections between cities, and tram, metro and/or bus lines within cities.